The next generation of building available now™

Alternative Building Material Reborn.
Residential • Commercial • Government Bunkers • Saferooms • Disaster Relief

Join us in building communities that are Affordable,
Disaster Resilient, and Energy Efficient for everyone globally.


Energy Efficiency

Achieve a net-zero carbon footprint.

Exceptional thermal insulation R-32+
Air-sealed wall envelope
Fully sustainable


Disaster Resilience

Protect structures from natural disasters.

4 hour fire wall system up-to 4000 degrees
Hurricane tested up-to 250 mph wind
Earth quake safe tested up to seismic 8.0



Support future generations

87% recycled content
LEED Energy and Material Credits
Reduce plastic pollution of landfills

We provide superior construction materials
to the building industry that make the next generation of building available now.

Save time and resources by reducing Labor Hours, Raw Materials, Wall Section Layers & Clean-up.

What Is The Perfect Block Wall System?

Click a hot-spot on the image below for more details.

4 Hour Fire Rating

Fire Resilient to direct flame up-to 4000 degrees.
Eco Building Systems

Superior Strength

Perfect Block structures are 700x stronger than wood - ASTM certified for hurricanes and tornados.

Energy Efficiency

Superior insulation and air-sealed wall system.

Save Time & Money

Contractors and Developers report saving more than 10% of total construction cost and accelerated build times.

Our design, production and execution process is setting new building standards.


Affordable, disaster resilient, and energy efficient for everyone, globally. Build for the future, with our proven process.


Integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers is a must.

Real World Perfect Block Stories.

Learn more about the Perfect Block.
yellow and black fork lift

The Perfect Block is the Answer to Higher Lumber Costs

The Perfect Block Is The Answer To Higher Lumber And Building Costs! A product other than wood that is fire safe, disaster safe and overall, more efficient than wood! According to Diana Olick, CNBC Real Estate

Help us spread the word!
The next generation of building is available now with the Perfect Block!
Join us in building communities that are Affordable, Disaster Resilient, and Energy Efficient for everyone globally.
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