Perfect Block Advantages For All

Advantages over white and grey ICF - perfect block is the greener choice. The precision made perfect block is denser and stronger and requires minimal bracing to create plumb, level, and straight walls saving time and money.

Made In Arizona: Featured On FOX 10 Arizona Morning!


Peoria Company Recycles Styrofoam Into Building Materials.

Eco Building Systems in Peoria repurposes styrofoam into fireproof concrete material to use as blocks for building projects.
FOX 10’s Anita Roman reports.

Perfect Block Is The Greener Choice

White block is made of virgin molded EPS. There is little, if any recycled material in white block. In strict contrast to white block, the EPS used in each EBS block is 100% recycled EPS, greatly reducing waste that was headed for the landfill.

Perfect Block Surfaces Can Remain Exposed For Years Without Uv Radiation Exposure Damage

In contrast, white block is vulnerable to UV radiation deterioration and must be covered soon after construction to prevent UV radiation and mechanical damage.

Consistent Size, Shape and Weight

Perfect Block forms are molded using a process and under strict quality control. Therefore each Perfect Block is nearly identical to the next allowing for easy stacking with minimal shimming and gluing and making it easier to construct walls plumb and level while saving time, materials, and significant money.

Choose From Several of Block

Perfect Block forms come in many sizes and insulation thicknesses to optimize the builder’s desires and requirements.

12 Inch Reinforced Core Spacing

Perfect Block cores are spaced 12″ on center. This allows for increased wall strength and any cut block 12″ or greater in length can be used for primary wall construction greatly minimizing waste.

Ease of Construction

The improved size and reduced weight of a 4′ block, over longer and heavier blocks that require more than one person to stack, greatly ease handling and assembly saving labor, time, and materials. 4′ increments are a standard in the building industry.

Requires Minimal Bracing

White block is super lightweight and a significant investment in time and materials is required to brace white block walls before grouting in order to be safe and achieve a high quality wall that is plumb and straight. The potential for white block to “float” exists when pouring heavy, wet concrete in it unless bracing steps are taken to prevent it. The precision made EBS block is denser and stronger and requires minimal bracing to create plumb, level, and straight walls saving time and money.

Perfect Block Has Teeth, White Block Does Not

“Tooth” or Teeth” is a term to describe a surface’s ability to hold or grip a substrate. Perfect Block’s inherent textured (slightly rough) cementitious surfaces can hold cementitious exterior stuccos and interior plasters or drywall mud without additional furring or wire lathe, eliminating many costly additional materials and labor intensive steps to clad exterior and interior walls. White block has no “tooth” and requires furring and/or secured wire lathe to cover with stucco or plaster.

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